Other excursion destinations

Outdoor pools:
Günztalstraße 10, 89335 Ichenhausen
Heidenheimerstraße 6, 89312 Günzburg
Ice skating: Open from early October to late February; Badstraße, 89331 Burgau
Zoo: Brehmplatz 1, 86161 Augsburg
Tropfsteinhöhle (dripstone cave) One hour to drive you find the ancient caves of the Schwäbische Alb. After visiting the Charlottenhöhle you can spend time at the restaurant and the playground - Lonetalstraße 61, 89537 Giengen an der Brenz
On the neighbour´s farm - if you want to help feeding the cows or have a ride on the tractor: please contact the neighbour´s family (Family Ruf, Ulmer Straße 36) Nature trails:
Torflehrpfad Jettingen-Scheppach: Rieder Weg 9, 89343 Jettingen-Scheppach
"Natur erleben": You walk next to the ostrich farm through the former moor area - Herdweg 2, 89340 Leipheim
Keltenpfad Ichenhausen: Weiler Weg 1, 89335 Ichenhausen, you start here and follow the signs
School museum Ichenhausen: Schloßpl. 3, 89335 Ichenhausen
Broomstick museum Günzburg: Am Hang 11, 89312 Günzburg
Bread museum Ulm: Salzstadelgasse 10, 89073 Ulm

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